Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update and information on the eCraft machine

Hey everyone,

Craftwell just posted this so I thought I would pass this on. This is more information to answer your questions regarding the eCraft software. Please check out our store to see more infomation and to order. www.cardstockheadquarters.com

Hi everyone! Our FAQ was updated yesterday to include pricing and to clarify the differences between the machines and the software, which was what most of the questions had been about. As far as True Type Fonts, we forgot to add that to the FAQ. Sorry, we made a mistake and we're updating it now (we'll try not to let it happen again). The Pro ... See Moresoftware will still cut TTF as we mentioned previously. There has been some negative feedback about the price of Pro, but we have also had a tremendous amount of positive feedback at CHA so we will wait for more feedback before determining whether or not to come out with a mid-level software. The Pro software is $299 because you are getting over $400 worth of images from 10 SD cards, you can import SVG files and TTF, you can design you own images within our software, AND when you upload your own images to ecraftcentral.com (launching in March) you will make a dividend when someone purchases your design, so you can actually end up making back more money than you spent. As far as comparing the eCraft to other machines, our price point is similar, if not lower, than most of the competition. PLUS we have so many added bonuses like no mats (which cost $$ over time) unlimited length capabilities, and the online community, ecraftcentral.com, which no one else has. Please keep in mind that the prices on our website are MSRP, actual retail pricing is usually lower. Look out for our newsletter coming later this week!

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