Tuesday, February 2, 2010

10% off Sweetheart Sale for eCraft machines and Software Plus new lower price!

Craftwell is listening to you all about the software and they have lowered the price here is the announcement.

"The decision has JUST been made. We heard your cries and we listened. Due to the overwhelming amount of feedback we've gotten, Pro Software is no longer being bundled with 10 SD Cards, it isnow being offered with the same design and upload capabilities at a fraction of the price, MSRP $159.99 (oh, and we fired the guys who came up with $299)."

On top of that Cardstock Headquarters is having a sweetheart sale on all eCraft machines and software so head on over and check it out at http://www.cardstockheadquarters.com/tools_craftwell-index.htm

P.S. If you find a price cheaper than Cardstock Headquarters let us know and we just may be able match it plus you get $20.00 in free embellishments with us with any eCraft machine purchase.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

AWESOME price!! I am glad they are listening!!