Tuesday, August 24, 2010

eCraft Tuplip Layer

Here is our first video with the eCraft machine we got in today. I have another one coming with a card that uses what we made in this one. I hope you all enjoy and please leave me a comment on what you think.


Cazzy said...

Nicki thank you so much, and thanks to Tom for posting about this, I really couldn't work out how to use my eCraft from the instructions (tried and failed a few times) and you have helped me so much with your little tutorial that at last I think I can begin and actually cut something!

Cazzy x

Anonymous said...

thanks for the visual...I just found out about this machine and it seems really cool....no sticky mats and I understand that the blades are only $1???? how much are the sd cards?? Mary in HK

Nicole Boucher said...

Hi Mary,

You get 10 blades in a pack for $19.99 so that comes to only $2 a blade. Which is a great price. The SD cards are $49.99 each. I hope that information helps. You can visit www.cardstockheadquarters.com and get all pricing details for the ecraft machine.